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Residential Neighborhood Energy Efficiency Program (“NEEP”) is a Free program designed to deliver energy education and low-cost energy saving measures to low-income customers.  The Program will target individually metered residential low-income customers in eligible neighborhoods served and selected by Dominion Energy.  Eligible customers and housing stocks:  homeowners, renters, multifamily residents and mobile/manufactured home residents. The Program will be delivered utilizing a neighborhood door-to-door sweep approach.


The Program will deliver a comprehensive energy conservation package to include in-home energy education, an on-site energy assessment of the dwelling, and direct installation of energy saving measures at No Additional Cost to customers.  The direct installed measures will include Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs (standard and specialty candelabras and globes to replace all incandescent bulbs), electric water heater wrap, pipe insulation, water heater temperature adjustment as deemed appropriate, HVAC filters (1 installed and a year supply left behind), weatherstripping doors and windows, door sweeps, a Smart-Strip power strip as appropriate, a kitchen faucet aerator (for dwellings with electric water heaters) plus additional measures.  Customers will be encouraged to take additional steps to make their homes more energy efficient and will receive education on opportunities for energy conservation.  Participants in low-income neighborhoods are limited to a one-time receipt of the comprehensive energy conservation package under this Program and participation will be strictly voluntary.

Call us toll-free at 1-855-342-8548 should you have any questions.

Town of Estill Citizens 
Water meter installation will begin on January 22, 2024. Please be on the lookout for installers in your area. You may see slight decreases or increases in water bills due to the upgrade from a manual to a digital system. The new system is more accurate and can calculate water usage in less than milliliters. The system can also detect leaks immediately. Security features are built into the devices that signal that a meter box has been tampered with or malfunctioning. 

The changes in water bill amounts are due to the increased accuracy of detecting water usage. Suppose you have questions about your water bill once the system is implemented. The water department can print hourly, daily, and monthly usage amounts in that case. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we transition into the new system. 

During the January 10, 2024, regular council meeting, the Town of Estill Mayor and Town Council voted and approved the final reading for the Lease Agreement to SC Solar Energy Inc. to build a 20-megawatt solar farm in the Town of Estill. The investment will increase the Town's revenue by approximately $132,000.00 a year and initially bring 20 jobs and, at completion, five jobs to the Town of Estill.  The Solar and Meter projects are roughly $60,000,000.00 investments in the Town of Estill.  This effort was a part of "Project Green Spark," which included four revenue-generating projects for the Town: Upgraded water meters to replace outdated water meters, a hydroponic facility, a workforce housing community, and a solar farm. 


The Town has started the installation of upgraded water meters and will now begin partnering with SC Solar Energy Inc. for a new solar farm. In the meeting held on January 10, 2024, SC Solar Energy CEO William Wilson attended the meeting to answer questions from the town council. Wilson stated, "I want to provide job opportunities and renewable energy to small communities like the Town of Estill while decreasing the carbon footprint of emissions." This project is one of many future projects for which SC Solar Energy Inc. will invest in funding for a clean energy initiative that includes energy-efficient lighting, charging stations, solar panel installation, battery generation, and much more. 


For more information about SC Solar Energy's future projects, please visit Solar Experts| North Charleston, SC | SC Solar Energy Inc. ()—contact by phone: 843-580-7485, and Ask for Torie Wilson. 


 SC Solar Energy Inc. has partnered with engineers to develop the latest solar panel materials and more innovative eco-friendly technology for solar installation. 



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