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Let's congratulate the governing body for its commitment to furthering its knowledge in governing the Town of Estill. The Municipal Association of South Carolina awarded them the Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government 2023 Honor Roll. The award recognizes the mayor and all council members as graduates of the Institute. Big Thanks to Ashley Kallahan, field service manager for presenting the award.
Big Thanks!  Eric and Theresa Grimes, thank you for feeding The Town of Estill Employees.  We appreciate your kind gesture. 
Town of Estill Citizens 

November 1, 2023, officially kicks off the holiday season.  This holiday season, the Town of Estill has many planned events to promote the town and unite the community.  Among those events are the Fall Festival Events and Christmas Extravaganza; helping to make these events successful during the approval of this year's budget in July, the Mayor and Town Council included financial support for both events.  We are still looking for sponsors to make the events even greater. 

We are also seeking participants in the Christmas Parade, the Main Street window decoration contest, and many more events.  We will have more information on Fall Festival and Christmas Celebration events soon. 

Let's help to make this year an excellent time to be a citizen in the Town of Estill.  "The Future Looks Bright" 
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  • Mission Statement
    It is the mission of the Town of Estill to protect and maintain health, safety, welfare & aesthetics, provide quality of life, maintain financial integrity and deliver quality services.

    Vision Statement
    It is the vision of the Town of Estill to maintain, promote, and increase opportunities to work, live, learn and play for all existing residents and newcomers. It is the vision of the Town of Estill to revitalize neighborhoods, encourage and promote vibrant businesses and provide increased infrastructure integrity.


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