Police Department

Chauncey Solomon, Police Chief 

Mission Statement
The Mission of the Estill Police Department is committed to creating and maintaining a mutual cooperation with our community through innovative partnerships directed toward a common goal of protecting life and property through professional law enforcement. We will remain pro-active and diligent in our efforts to enhance the quality of life in our community through professional development, supported by loyalty, courage, commitment, and integrity for all citizens we serve.

Police Cruisers
Vision Statement
The vision of the Police Department is dedicated to providing the highest level of law enforcement to all citizens in our community, incorporating professionalism, dignity and courtesy. Furthermore, we understand the need for community support and feel compelled to develop positive relationships to foster mutual respect between all citizens and the police department.
EPD Logo
Commitment to the agency and its organizational objectives above that of any individual.

Moral code of conduct that reflects honesty, accountability, and respect.

This agency must nurture community trust by performing its functions in a fair, consistent, and professional manner.

Dedication to the community, department personnel, and professionalism.

Meeting Challenges and adversity without fear recognizing the higher standards for which we are accountable.

Constantly searching to enhance the services provided to our community through improved technology and professional development.
Contact Information
Physical Location:  323 Martin L. King, Jr. Blvd S (Rear Side of Town Hall)
Mailing Address:    P.O. Box 37 / Estill, SC 29918

(803) 625 - 3699 (Office) 
(803) 625 – 3958 (Facsimile)

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